ALR Hearings

Once you’re charged with a DWI, you may wonder how this will affect your driver’s license. That’s why the Administrative License Hearing (ALR) is so important.

What Is an ALR Hearing?

After you’re charged with a DWI, you can request an ALR hearing from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles within 15 days of your arrest. This hearing is where you can fight your license suspension so that you can drive while you wait for your DWI hearing. Otherwise, your license suspension starts 40 days after your arrest.

At the hearing, a lawyer can ask questions of witnesses, and the hearing officer will review anything submitted, such as medical records. It’s always best to have an experienced Houston DWI attorney to help you, since there are so many nuances to DWI law. Furthermore a good DWI attorney will use the ALR hearing in order to pin the officer down on his/her testimony. And then use that testimony to get a good result in the criminal case.

How a Houston DWI Attorney Can Help

You can submit documents to fight your license suspension, but they can be difficult to get on your own. Having a Houston DWI attorney who knows the ins and outs of the police department and court system can mean the difference between success and failure. An attorney can get information from the officer who arrested you, get evidence (like medical records) that support your defense, and help you prepare for your hearing.

At your ALR hearing, you’ll want an attorney with experience, someone with a track record of getting not guilty verdicts as well as dismissed and reduced charges. Attorney Jonathan J. Paull has 18 years of experience dealing with courts, police officers, and DWI defense. His track record speaks for itself: a list of not guilty verdicts and dismissed and reduced charges that kept his clients on the road so they could get to work.

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