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Getting arrested for DWI is nerve-wracking. Your mind is spinning with questions: “Am I going to jail? Will I lose my license? Will I lose my job? How will I provide for my family? What’s going to happen to me? What do I do now?”Your first step is to find a qualified Houston DWI attorney who will fight for you and who has a solid track record of getting DWI cases dismissed, charges reduced, and not guilty verdicts.

Jonathan J. Paull is a DWI Attorney Houston with 14 years of experience defending drivers against DWI charges. He personally handles your case, ensuring that you receive the best legal defense. As a member of the National College for DUI Defense, he stays on top of the latest science and changes in the area of DWI law.

“But I flunked my breathalyzer! I should just accept my fate.”

Breathalyzers don’t always work, and as a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Expert by NHSTA, DWI Attorney Jonathan Paull knows that false readings are more common than you’d think. Many clients blow twice the legal limit on the Intoxilyzer machine, but with careful investigation, Attorney Paull still gets many of these cases dismissed.

“I’m not sure I can afford an attorney.”

Actually, there’s no way you can afford not to hire an attorney. A qualified Houston DWI attorney can help you determine the best way to handle your case. If you take a plea-out, you’ll still rack up about $7500.00 in fines, court costs, increased insurance premiums, and time lost at work.

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