How To Avoid DWI Conviction

Driving after having a couple drinks is not necessarily a DWI. There are a few things you can do to avoid DWI conviction before the arrest.

How Can I Avoid DWI Conviction?

If you know you’re going to be driving, you can avoid a DWI by:

  • Limiting how many drinks you have. You can have a few drinks, but once you cross from sobriety into intoxication, you should not drive. Always wait at least one hour between drinks and one hour after having your last drink before you drive. Drink water between alcoholic beverages to help flush out your system.
  • Don’t drink at all. If you know you can’t limit yourself, or if you’re a lightweight, pass up the alcohol and have something else, like a cranberry juice and seltzer.
  • Walk home. If you are close enough, just hoof it.
  • Call a taxi. The cost of a cab is much less than the cost of a DWI.

If you’re stopped while you’re driving, you can attempt to avoid DWI Conviction by:

  • Not taking the breathalyzer. If you think the results are going to be too high, skip it and offer to take a blood test instead. Your license may be suspended for longer, but not having the breathalyzer test on file may help your case.
  • Not taking sobriety tests, including field sobriety tests. You have a right to refuse.
  • Not leaning against something, like your car. The police may use this as evidence of you being intoxicated.
    Not saying anything. The police will use anything you say against you in court. Even if they haven’t read you your Miranda rights (“You have the right to remain silent…”), don’t say anything or volunteer any information.
  • Being polite and speaking clearly.

How a Houston DWI Lawyer Can Help?

Just because you’ve been arrested for a DWI does not mean that you will be convicted of a DWI and have it on your record. Call a Houston DWI lawyer immediately to explore your options and start building your defense. You’ll want a lawyer with a solid track record of getting not guilty verdicts and dismissed and reduced charges for his clients, as well as experience. Attorney Jonathan J. Paull has 14 years of experience dealing with courts, police officers, and DWIdefense.

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