Second DWI Defense

What Happens When I Get a Second DWI?

Texas is not kind to DWI offenders. A second DWI can mean:

  • A two-year driver’s license suspension
  • A fine of up to $4,000
  • A year of jail time
  • Up to 200 hours of community service

The second DWI is considered a Class A misdemeanor, serious enough to merit jail time, and it can disrupt your life for years to come.

How a Houston DWI Attorney Can Help

Rather than pay a $4,000 fine, go to jail, do community service, and/or lose your license, it’s possible to have the charges dismissed or reduced or get a not guilty verdict. Like your first DWI, the prosecutor has to prove that the police officer had a reason to stop you and prove that you were driving while intoxicated. The prosecutor also has to prove that you’ve been convicted in the past.

An experienced Houston DWI attorney can get your charges reduced or dismissed or get you a not guilty verdict. Whether you failed the Breathalyzer or the results were questionable, Attorney Jonathan J. Paull can investigate every aspect of your case, from how legal it was for the police to stop you to the results of your Breathalyzer.

Attorney Paull has 14 years of experience dealing with courts, police officers, and DWI defense cases. His track record of dismissals, charge reductions, and not guilty verdicts speaks for itself – he’s kept his clients out of jail and on the road so they can continue to provide for themselves and their families.

If you’ve been arrested for your second DWI, call (713) 227-1525 today. Don’t wait; you’ll need to start building your defense as soon as possible.

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