DWI Expungement

Once your DWI case is over, law enforcement agencies and other organizations related to the arrest still have your case information. These are public records that can be accessed by potential employers – or virtually anyone who knows how to get their hands on the records. That’s why you’ll want a Texas DWI expungement, which requires all agencies with the records to destroy them.

Who Can Get a Texas DWI Expungement?

Except in very limited cases, you can get a DWI expungement:

  • If you were arrested, but your case was never filed, you can get an expungement.
  • If your case was dismissed, you can get an expungement.
  • If your case went to trial, and you got a not guilty verdict, you can get an expungement.
  • If you were found guilty, but after appealing the verdict, the Texas Appellate Court acquitted you, you can get an expungement.

After your expungement is granted, all agencies that have a copy of your record are ordered by the court to destroy it. If they don’t, they are the ones that will face criminal charges.

How a Houston DWI Attorney Can Help

Applying for a Texas DWI expungement requires a combination of experience and knowledge that only an experienced Houston DWI attorney can offer. When you pick an attorney who knows the court system and the expungement process, your likelihood of getting an expungement increases.

Attorney Jonathan J. Paull has 14 years of experience dealing with courts, police officers, and DWI defense. His track record speaks for itself: a list of not guilty verdicts and dismissed and reduced charges. He personally handles each case, using his own expertise to clear his clients’ records.

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