Texas Intoxilyzer

“I flunked my breathalyzer test on the Texas Intoxilyzer ! I should just accept my fate.”

Breathalyzers don’t always work, and Texas Intoxilyzer has a dubious record. As a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Expert by NHSTA, DWI Attorney Jonathan Paull knows that false readings are more common than you’d think. Many clients blow twice the legal limit on the Intoxilyzer machine, but with careful investigation, Attorney Paull still gets many of these cases dismissed.

A Good DWI Attorney knows the factors to consider in challenging the Intoxilyzer results

1. He know how to read the Texas Intoxilyzer Breath Card.

2. He checks the Maintenance Records of the Texas Intoxilyzer.

3. He understands that the machine needs to be calibrated and issues with both self calibration and with a reference breath sample.

4. He understands that breath alcohol is used to measured to determine blood alcohol content.

5. He understands Henry’s law and the science behind these machines.

6. Knows that the law doesn’t allow the Texas Intoxilyzer machines to be independently evaluated.

“Still not sure you can afford an attorney.” Actually, there’s no way you can afford not to hire an attorney. A qualified Houston DWI attorney can help you determine the best way to handle your case. If you take a plea-out, you’ll still rack up about $7500.00 in fines, court costs, increased insurance premiums, and time lost at work.

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