Ignition Interlock Device in Texas

Ignition Interlock Device also called IID, is a device that is installed in your vehicle that requires you to pass a Breathalyzer test before driving. If it detects the blood alcohol content > 0.08 percent, it will not start the vehicle. It is often installed after an individual is found guilty of a DWI charge, and in some cases even while fighting your DWI case.

The Ignition Interlock condition is associated with your driver’s license by the DMV and the Ignition Interlock Device is installed by State approved vendors by connecting it to the engine’s ignition system. The driver is expected to test the breath alcohol before the vehicle can be started.

A 2015 Texas law lets, those convicted of DWI with a blood alcohol content less than 0.15 percent and end up getting a driver’s license suspension in court, opt for ignition interlocks so they could be able to drive as long as they have an ignition interlock system installed in their car.



Getting an Ignition Interlock Device drastically increases how much it will cost with penalties for drivers who are dealing with the consequences of an arrest for driving while intoxicated. A person charged with a DWI must pay for all ignition interlock device rental and installation. The installation costs are typically ranging from $100 – $300, depending on the vehicle, while the monthly rental for the device ranges from $50 – $100 excluding data communicating and monitoring charges which could be an additional $30 – $50. You may also be required to pay the first year of the Ignition Interlock upfront which on average is $1300 per year.
Every 30 to 60 days a person in the IID program must make an appointment at the Ignition Interlock device installation facility for servicing and downloading event log. Failure to ensure that the device is regularly services can also delay the removal of the device.



For the First DWI Offense, ignition interlock devices are imposed for at least one year. It jumps to three years for second DWI offense and with three DWI convictions, the person will likely have to install the interlocking device permanently. For Four or more DWI, the driver is not eligible for license reinstatement.

If you attempt to drive while alcohol is detecting in your breath, if could lead to extended driver’s license suspension. The court will consider the data presented by the ignition interlock in determining the removal of the device from the vehicle.

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