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Hiring a qualified, experienced Houston drunk driving attorney can mean the difference between jail time and freedom. If your attorney is not properly trained and up to date on the latest defenses for DWIs, your likelihood of going to jail, paying a large fine, and having your license suspended rises exponentially. The prosecutors have done this before – many times. They’re pros at sending drunk drivers to jail.Fortunately, I’m on your side. With over 14 years of experience as a Houston drunk driving attorney, my clients have had their cases dismissed, their charges reduced, and received not guilty verdicts.I will investigate every aspect of your case, from how legal the stop was to whether the Breathalyzer machine was malfunctioning. I will look for any flaws in the State’s case against you.

The State must prove that:

1. The police officer had a valid reason to pull you over;

2. The police officer had probable cause (a valid reason as defined by law) to arrest you;

3. The police officer was properly trained to give you a field sobriety test;

4. The police officer gave the field sobriety test properly;

5. Any equipment, like a Breathalyzer, used by the officer was fully functional;

6. The person operating the equipment was properly certified to use it;

7. The equipment did what it was intended to do;

8. You were intoxicated;

9. and You were actually operating the vehicle.

These are all things that can help get your case dismissed. I examine each and every one of them as part of your defense.

I have a proven track record of:

    • Getting cases dismissed. If the prosecutor knows he’s going up against a highly skilled, experienced attorney, he’s more likely to drop the case, particularly when the highly skilled, experienced Houston drunk driving attorney can poke holes in the State’s case.
    • Getting charges reduced. Sometimes the case won’t be dismissed, but there are still enough problems with the prosecution to make a DWI verdict difficult to obtain. Sometimes it is possible to get the charges reduced to something lesser, like reckless driving or public intoxication, which carry lesser penalties.
    • Getting not guilty verdicts. If the case goes to trial, I defend my clients vigorously. The State must prove that you are guilty of a DWI beyond a reasonable doubt. Trials must be handled by a skilled DWI attorney. Jonathan Paull has spent years cross examining DWI taskforce officers that patrol Harris and the surrounding counties. He understands what officers will do, will act and will say when they are on the stand.

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