What is the deal with blood draw cases?

Trying a DWI blood draw cases is a complex procedure. There are a myriad of issues that a DWI lawyer must have experience with: medical issues, toxicology issues, as well as the understanding of lab procedures. A person’s blood alcohol concentration can become higher if a person’s body water percentage decreases. The same can also happen due to pathological conditions as in persons who are having diarrhea, heart conditions, or impaired renal issues. Furthermore, there are an important set of predicate questions that an officer must ask to link the time of intoxication to the time of driving. There are only a handful of attorneys in Houston who:

  • Understand the mechanics of a blood draw case.
  • Understand the procedures within the crime labs that test these cases.
  • Has actually tried blood cases.

I have a track record of getting results in these cases.

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