DWI without a Lawyer

The State of Texas has a very qualified team of police officers, prosecution lawyers and forensic scientists who will try their best to convict you of DWI. If you choose to take on the State without an Attorney, you’ll most likely be out of options soon and may end up taking a plea-out bargain. If you do, you’ll still rack up about $7500 to $10,000 in direct costs of Towing Fees, Daily Impound charges, Court Costs, Bail, Fine, Jail Fee, Ignition Interlock Rental, Installation & Removal, DWI Course fees and License reinstatement fees, moreover you are also looking at indirect implication costs of DWI such as,

• Human Injury, Broken Relationships & Property Damages

• Auto Insurance premiums will rise if your Driver’s License ever gets suspended and you have only 15 days to save it once you are charged with a DWI.

• Loss of Freedom and Opportunity Cost – Lost time at work as the result of court dates. Believe me you don’t want to go a trial. Its best to negotiate and get a dismissal, if the circumstances allow.

• Losing your driver’s License – depending on what you do, this may mean losing your job.

• Criminal Record & Difficulty in getting a new job – DWI Records looks bad on resume and background checks and no one wants a DWI offender in a Airplane Cockpit, ER, court room and most professional settings.

Actually, there is no way you can afford not to hire an attorney. A qualified Houston DWI attorney is crucial for you to fight and win your DWI and can help you determine the best way to handle your case, from negotiating a dismissal to going to trial in very few cases.

Still not sure you can afford a DWI attorney? We offer Weekly Payment Plans, that the State doesn’t. Call Jonathan J. Paull today to fight your DWI charges at (713) 227-1525 and get a Free Case Evaluation.

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