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In Houston, Texas, driving with intoxication is considered illegal and classified as a class C misdemeanor. This means that if you are proven to be guilty in court, you will be subject to several compulsory punishments that you have to take care of. It consist of a fine up to $500, 40 hours doing community service, your driving license is revoked for several months, compulsory attendance in alcohol education classes, and a DWI case remarks that will stain your credibility to your employers in the future.

Seek Help of DWI Attorney in Houston

Knowing the severity of DWI charges for your reputation, you will need to find a reliable DWI attorney in Houston that is capable to handle your case from every possible angle to release you from the charges. This is where the attorney Jonathan J. Paull is able to help you with his expertise. With over 14 years handling DWI cases over years and helping many DWI suspect from their charges, Jonathan J. Paull is the best DWI attorney in Houston that can advise you several loops that you can use to work in your favor. Having knowledge in the federal law, alcohol test results, and even in distinguisihing the prescription DWI cases, you can expect that the DWI lawyer Jonathan J. Paul will give you a promising advices and results to your case.

The worth of a DWI Attorney in Houston

Many DWI suspect believes that if they are failed in the breathanalyzer test when they got caught, it is sure that they will be found guilty when the trials start. But fortunately, an experienced DWI lawyer will know that the result of breath or urine test are not that accurate to prove the suspect is guilty for his charges. With many years of experience in defending the clients from DWI charges, Jonathan J. Paull is capable to tell the flaws within the system and able to prove that the alcohol readings to the defendant is false. This will benefit you greatly in the trial and helps you to be released from your case sooner.

There are also cases where a DWI suspect is charged with the felonies even though they have a medical issues that requires them to take alcohol. These cases are widely known as Drug Recognition Cases, where many field officers (Drug Recognition Experts) fail to see it and charges you with DWI without any chance to prove your innocence. To handle this matter, you will require a specially trained police officer to be able to distinguishing between drug recognition and soberity caused by regular alcohol drinking. With the expert knowledge and track record in handling DRE cases, Jonathan J. Paull can examine your health track record and present it to the jury to prove your innocence. You can expect that you will receive an acquittal from the jury or even a case dismissal to set you free.

There are other variables that will affect your DWI case that can tips the scale between a guilty and not guilty verdict. If you need to consult more regarding your DWI charges, you can call (713) 227-1525 to discuss your case thoroughly with Jonathan J. Paul himself. Or you can also utilize the live chat feature of this website to talk about your problems via internet. If you need a dependable DWI attorney on your side, Jonathan J. Paull will be happy to help you.


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